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"The Father's House" - Understanding the Role of the Patriarch/Matriarch in Your Family.

While in a Bible Study class one Sunday at Quinton Baptist Church in Salem County, New Jersey, I had the pleasure of sitting among Saints as we enjoyed a RayVander Laan Bible Study video that highlights the history of "family".  The video is very insightful and will bless many of you as you learn what "family" means to God, as oppose to the character family has taken on in western society.

Some keynotes observed from the video:

God always chooses a coupleParenthood does not end at 18 years oldChildren are called to honor their parentsParents are called to receive their childrenEven in our greatest mistakes, the true patriarch/matriarch of the family brings everyone back home and redeems the lost back into the house of the Lord.

Enjoy the video excerpt and please sure your comments.

Israel's Mission Small Group Bible Study by Ray Vander Laan

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